Elegant lady

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Bag: The dimensions of the bag are 32 * 22. Artificial leather body. Organized inside the bag. All the products are in the bag
Glasses: Uv400
Mirror: Steel + Crystal Czech and 6.5 cm in diameter
Garter Pendants: leather + gold plating chain + combining natural and artificial stone, height 20 cm.
Chestnut flower: Satin + metal clamp
Bracelets: Artificial Stone + Crystal
Wallet: Artificial leather
Belt: Natural leather

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Psychology of this color in the world of fashion:

Rich and successful women often choose black, because it can give them a sense of elegance, sophistication and self-confidence. Most of the people who like black color, pay special attention to the choice of shirts, pants, and main clothes, while using of black accessories has a huge impact on your style. Having a black bag, belt, pendant necklace, earrings and sunglasses makes it easy to match them with different styles and look beautiful and attractive.

And about golden color: these people are always looking for wealth, they have a luxury life and choose the highest quality while shopping. So, the combination of these two colors will give you a splendid and luxurious styling.

Golden yellow: It can be beautifully matched with gray, brown, azure, red, and black. Black is a universal color – it looks beautiful in any combination, especially with orange, pink, green, white, red, and yellow.
Bag (Product Package): This accessory which is designed exclusively by Marbel Company, is not only useful and convenient, but also beautiful and stylish.
Sunglasses: Cat-eye sunglasses have always been popular because they are suitable for different face shapes. Another reason for their popularity is that they are really effective in the attractiveness of look and style, making you look glamorous and luxurious. This model is suitable for all ages; from teenagers to middle-age women. Their frame and lens design is also the other reason of their popularity, and because of the great variety, many people are attracted to them. They believe that these sunglasses can be used with all types of styles, because it is both casual and formal at the same time!
Earrings: As drop earrings hang down, they are very eye-catching and beautiful and designing them with valuable stones and jewelry makes them even more brilliant. They are most suitable for oval and heart shape faces. If you have shoulder length hair, a hair line is created along your shoulder that gives you a general idea of ​​the size and length of the earrings. Hanging hoop and chandelier earrings are suitable for shoulder length hair, but earrings which are longer and more delicate would be lost in your hair and they do not fit such hair style
belt: Belts create hourglass body shape, so you definitely need them. You can choose belts in different forms and colors depending on your body type.
Necklace: This necklace can easily create a high visual attractiveness in a very simple style due to its special design (especially when it is matched with other accessories of the same collection. Therefore, it is recommended to use this necklace with simple and unicolor clothes. Also, this model will have a unique look with closed collar clothes.
Wallet: A favorite accessory for girls whose fancy models are more popular. Wallet is one of those accessories which should be chosen in accordance with fashion to make your style look elegant.


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