charming heart

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1. Jade type: Nephrite
2. Gold type: 24K Gold Foil
3. Size:2.5*2.2
4. Chain Material
5. 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel
6. Certificate: Have
7. Package: Marbelin’s Box & Hand bag
8. Guaranty: Have

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charming heart: Charming heart is the pattern of the heart that pulled and grab another heart into it. It’s the symbol of fondness and pure love of two lovers!

Used Stone type:
Nephrite Jade, precious mineral stone that exist in nature, With many properties that can fined in white, light green and cream color. Wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage are parts of a “Heavenly Stone” spiritual properties that its advocates attribute to it and that’s Why people still use it nowadays. It’s the stone of love and calmness and it is specially attractive for couples.
Jade is good for stress, Causes to increase focus, calms humans neural system and effective for sleep disorders and fatigue recovery. This stone reinforces blood circulation and suitable for heart disease!
Gold type:
24K gold foil, pure & shine.
Chain material is anti-allergic gold plated stainless steel and its size is 45 cm (standard).
Guaranty and Certificate:
Each product has 2 certificates, Honk Kong’s governmental certificate with QR code and Marbelin’s certificate that contains stone’s accurate specifications which shows its originality and confirmation of 24K gold attached on stone. Certificate codes are match with the code on back of the product. Product pendant has 2 years Guaranty.

بسته بندی

Package: Marbelin’s Box & Hand bag

نوع یشم

Nephrite (pale green)

نوع طلا

Gold type: 24K Gold Foil


Certificate: Have

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